Lecture with an iPad

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The Most Interactive, Engaging Way for Students to Use iPads

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  • Directly Engage iPads in Class.

  • Teach with Instant Feedback.

  • Let Students Study On-the-Go.

Harness iPads as a Powerful Learning Tool During Class.

Stop using iPads for static content and start using them in a direct, engaging way. Students using the LectureTools iPad App can deliver real-time feedback about their comprehension during class by marking slides confusing and submitting responses to interactive activities. Because of their iPads, students will become more engaged, attentive, and on-task.

Enable 1-on-1 Interaction Regardless of Class Size.

LectureTools enables each student to be heard, even when they have hundreds of classmates. Each student's response to an in-class question or activity is recorded. Students are free to submit questions for their instructor or teaching assistant to clear up confusion as it arises. Answered questions become visible to the entire class to keep students engaged while learning from their peers.

All Course Material on a Single, Portable Device.

Their iPad goes everywhere they do. Without lugging around a laptop, binders, and textbooks, your students can access lecture slides, archived student questions, and their notes, whether brushing up on material between classes or digging in for an all-night study session.

Register Students for the iPad App in 3 Steps

  • Create an Account

    Using your web browser, create an account. If you have an existing account, you need not create a new one. Just skip to the next step!

  • Create Your Course

    Login from a web browser and select (+) Add Course from the course dropdown menu to create your new course.

  • Invite Your Students

    Invite students by uploading a roster or emailing them the course link. Once they create student accounts they will be added to your course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The LectureTools iPad App is available for download from the App Store free of charge. To sign in and use the application, a LectureTools student account is required, which must be created in a web browser by visiting our registration page. Existing users can download the app and login with their existing credentials. Read more about pricing.

For more information about pricing for K-12, please contact sales.

How do my students start using the app?

Once you have created your course and invited your students, they will either create an account or login with an existing account to be registered for your course. After students have added the course, they can download the iPad app and enter their account credentials to get started.

How does functionality compare to the traditional web application?

The iPad App offers full functionality. Students are still able to respond to activities, ask questions, take notes, and access slides. The app adds support for the "swipe" gesture to navigate slides, and optimizes the interface for the iPad's display size and unique user input capabilities.

Can students access notes and materials online, at home, without the iPad?

Yes. Even if students are issued iPads only during class sessions, everything added to the app is accessible online, through their LectureTools accounts.

Does the iPad App work on the iPhone or iPod Touch?

No. Because of the larger screen size compared to the smaller handheld devices, the application is specific to the iPad. Students without iPads are encouraged to continue interacting with lecture using their laptop, or by using SMS to submit responses to activities.

Is there an iPad App for instructors?

No. Because the functionality of the instructor and student roles differs tremendously, this application is only compatible with student accounts. If you are seeking to present lecture using your iPad, consider using it to control your laptop remotely.