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Make Large Classes Seem SmallAn Interactive Presentation Tool Designed for Lecture


eBook: Making the Switch to LectureTools

Download the 'Making the Switch' eBook to learn more about how professors of biology, linguistics, anatomy, and psychology at the University of Michigan transitioned from lecture slides to LectureTools.

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LectureTools is the only presentation tool designed from the ground up to meet the communication needs of instructors in the classroom. The system provides real-time access to information about student activity and comprehension levels. With LectureTools you can monitor the pulse of the classroom and modify your lectures to better reach your students.

Prepare Interactive Lectures

prepare interactive lecture

LectureTools provides you with the resources to quickly augment your existing PowerPoint® slideshows with interactive questions to engage your students. Getting your lectures ready is as simple as uploading your existing presentations, adding interactive activities, and publishing slides for your students.

Hide Specific Slides

Hide specific slides from students and reveal them at the appropriate time during class.

hide slides from students

Convey Learning Objectives

Create an objectives slide for the beginning of your presentation by defining the lecture's goals when importing slides.

learning objectives slide

Import Existing PowerPoint Files

Upload .PPT and .PPTX slides into our intuitive interface. Or, import slides from previous classes using Resource Management.

import slides

Publish With a Single Click

Your presentation remains hidden until you decide to publish it. One click makes the lecture slides available to students.

publish lecture

Present Engaging Slideshows

When class begins, simply click "Start Presentation" and display the Presentation Window on the projection screen. The presentation tool allows you to navigate and annotate slides while students follow along.

Teach With Real-Time Feedback

teach with real-time feedback

The Presentation Dashboard allows you to monitor student comprehension, view or respond to incoming student questions, and preview or display responses to interactive activities.

Monitor Comprehension Problems

View what proportion of your students find material confusing on a per-slide basis.

monitor student comprehension

View and Respond to Questions

Instructors and TAs can monitor and respond to incoming student questions during or after class.

view student questions

Preview Activity Results

While students respond to activities, view how many have answered and preview their responses.

preview student responses

Access the Slide Carousel

Quickly navigate to different locations in your presentation or see which slides are next.

slide carousel