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Independent research shows LectureTools improves student engagement and active learning.

LectureTools is a web-based learning environment that facilitates in-class communication between you and your students. A simple and intuitive interface provides you with access to new measures of student performance both during and after class. LectureTools makes teaching more rewarding, with no need for special hardware or software to get started.

Enhance Student Engagement

  • Pose multiple-choice, ordered list, free response and image-based questions
  • Display student responses for discussion
  • Reveal hidden answer slides on command

Receive Real-Time Feedback

  • View real-time measures of student comprehension in a presentation dashboard
  • Receive notifications when your class is struggling with content or when there are outstanding questions
  • Preview student responses to questions you pose

Assess Student Performance

  • View performance data for individual students or for class aggregates over any time range
  • Use graphical visualizations to reveal trends and to identify struggling students.
  • Export data to CSV or PDF file formats

Streamline Your Process

  • Easily import entire PowerPoint presentations
  • Access your presentations via the web at any time, from any Internet-connected device
  • Share your lecture for easy student access
  • Log in through your Learning Management System

Provide Your Students with a Valuable Learning Resource

  • A single system to access all lecture slides and accompanying notes
  • A built in note-taking tool designed for the lecture environment
  • The ability to bookmark slides for further review
  • Access to course activities via laptop, cell phone or other personal devices