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Go Beyond Multiple ChoiceEngage Students with Interactive Questions and Activities


eBook: Making the Switch to LectureTools

Download the 'Making the Switch' eBook to learn more about how professors of biology, linguistics, anatomy, and psychology at the University of Michigan transitioned from lecture slides to LectureTools.

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The student response system included in LectureTools is a powerful, web-based alternative to traditional clickers. Make your presentations more interactive with a system that:

  • Offers more question types, such as free response and image quiz
  • Allows instructors to preview or display activity results in real-time
  • Does not require any special hardware purchases or software use
create an activity

Add Interactive Activities With Ease

On-screen instructions make it simple to create activity slides and add them to your presentation.

Foster Critical Thinking with Innovative Question Types

LectureTools makes it easy to promote critical thinking in students with several question types. Keep things simple with traditional multiple choice, or ask students for more open-ended responses.

Multiple Choice Questions

Pose multiple choice or true/false questions with ease. Select a correct answer to grade the question for correctness, or present the question as an opinion poll.

multiple choice question

Ordered List Activities

Provide a list of items for students to rank or order. Quiz students on the ability to correctly sequence chronological events or reveal a weighted visualization of student votes.

ordered list activity

Free Response Questions

Ask students to defend or explain their thought process. Write questions ranging from one-word answers to a detailed response: student responses are not bounded by a character limit.

free response question

Image Quiz Activities

Have students analyze graphical and spatial concepts. Upload an image and your students will submit their response by clicking on a corresponding location of the image.

image quiz activity

Preview and Display Student Responses to Activities

While students respond to in-class activities, LectureTools allows you to preview students' responses. With a single click, display the activity results for the whole class to see.

Preview Activity Progress

Using the Presentation Dashboard, see how many students have completed the activity and what percentage of responses are correct.

activity status

Instantly Display Results

Once students have had sufficient time to respond, show the results and a results slide will be added to your slide deck automatically.

display results

Get a Quick Sense of Comprehension

Show the results of either a multiple choice or ordered list activity to assess comprehension or gauge opinions quickly.

multiple choice results

Facilitate Detailed Class Discussions

Free response or image quiz results slides hone in on individual responses, allowing for discussion as you see fit.

image quiz results

Participate in Class Without Dedicated Hardware or Special Software

LectureTools runs on any internet-enabled device without installation. Students need only an internet connection and a web browser to access LectureTools' full functionality. Additionally, students can use their cellphones to submit responses via text message to interactive activities.