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Address Uncertainty with Course MaterialAllow Students to Ask Questions and Receive Answers During Lecture


eBook: Making the Switch to LectureTools

Download the 'Making the Switch' eBook to learn more about how professors of biology, linguistics, anatomy, and psychology at the University of Michigan transitioned from lecture slides to LectureTools.

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The LectureTools question stream enables students to ask questions digitally during class. You can respond to student queries, or your teaching assistant can monitor and address questions while you continue with the presentation. Answers submitted are visible to the class as a whole anonymously, ensuring that all students benefit from the exchange.

View and Respond to Questions in the Presentation Dashboard

Using the Presentation Dashboard, you can answer incoming student questions or view answered questions any time during or after class. While you discreetly monitor and answer student questions, your lecture slides remain on the projector screen.

Engage Your Teaching Assistant During Lecture

If you have a Teaching Assistant, they can answer incoming student questions during class. This lets you continue teaching without interruption and allows students to clear up confusing concepts before leaving class.

Allow Students to Learn From Q&A

When you or your TA answers a student's question, it becomes visible to every student in the class anonymously. This enables all students to benefit from the answered questions of their peers while preserving anonymity to encourage students to ask questions.