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eBook: Making the Switch to LectureTools

Download the 'Making the Switch' eBook to learn more about how professors of biology, linguistics, anatomy, and psychology at the University of Michigan transitioned from lecture slides to LectureTools.

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LectureTools incorporates a robust solution for students. All LectureTools student accounts include the ability to view slides, take notes and organize content for later study. LectureTools provides students with one universally accessible tool that does everything they need to perform effectively.

access lecture slides

Easily Access Lecture Slides

Within LectureTools students can access lecture slides as soon as they are published. This allows students to follow along and take notes synchronized with slides during lecture or go back through slides to study after class. You may also choose to unpublish your slides at any time, hiding them from your students.

flag and filter slides

Flag Slides for Further Study

Students can bookmark any slide in a slideshow to easily return to it for further study. By organizing all challenging content in one location, students have the opportunity to reflect on their own understanding and become more active learners.

study from questions

Study From Questions Submitted During Lecture

While in lecture, students have the ability to ask questions to clarify concepts. Questions a student submits are archived for further review. Additionally, all answered questions from the class remain visible anonymously to all students, providing more resources to support student learning.

take notes associated with slides

Take Notes Associated With Slides

The customized text editor within LectureTools allows students to take notes associated directly with relevant slideshows. With the student notebook and lecture slides, LectureTools becomes a repository for the student's course content and study needs.