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Lecture Engagement SystemDesigned to Improve Student Engagement and Attentiveness


eBook: Making the Switch to LectureTools

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LectureTools is a web-based presentation tool that minimizes distractions in the classroom. Upload presentations to improve student engagement, attentiveness, and participation during lecture by providing students with an interactive learning environment. Students become organized and engaged in your presentation, all while learning from their peers. It's a lecture engagement system like you've never seen.

LectureTools Interface

Presentation Tool

Present and create interactive slideshows.

Interactive Presentation Tool

LectureTools allows you to import any existing PowerPoint® slideshow and enhance your presentation with interactive activities. When you are ready to begin your class, simply launch LectureTools in your web browser to teach with real-time comprehension alerts, incoming student questions, and integrated student response features.

Student Inquiry

Empower your students to ask questions.

Student Inquiry

All too often, either your students are afraid to ask questions during lecture or there is simply no time to spare for Q&A. The student inquiry tool encourages students to submit questions digitally during class for you or a teaching assistant to answer. Students learn from the questions of their peers and instructors avoid long lines of students with unanswered questions during office hours.

Student Response System

Deliberately engage student laptops and cellphones.

Student Response System

Add interactive activities to your presentation in seconds using LectureTools. With more question types and no need to purchase clickers, you'll never look back. Preview responses using the Presentation Dashboard, and display results to the class when students have finished the activity. With activities ranging from basic true/false to no-character-limit free response, engage your students and formatively assess their understanding.

Student Note-Taking and Study Tools

Create a comprehensive online learning environment.

Note-Taking and Study Tools

Students prefer LectureTools because it provides all of the resources they need both in class and during late-night study sessions. Students can take notes associated with slides, bookmark slides for further review, and learn from archived questions. With a single location for lecture material, it's an simpler way to study.

Student Assessment

Unleash detailed analytics to assess student performance.

Assess student performance

After class, assess your class's performance with aggregate data about participation and correctness for each in-class activity. Or, assess individual student performance by honing in on a specific pupil. View and manipulate data using the built-in assessment features, or download any data to common file formats to analyze data using a program of your choice.