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Working at LectureTools

About LectureTools...

Technology is changing education. Widespread broadband access and the affordability of laptops, tablets and smartphones have rewritten the rules for what is possible. But what does this mean for teachers and students? How will the learning environment be impacted? At LectureTools we work to answer these questions and to reinvent the role of Internet technology in the classroom.

Our first product is an advanced student response and note-taking tool, evolved from a successful research system. A live beta test of the application has begun in May with approximately 500 users, and commercial launch to colleges nationwide is planned for September.

This product reflects our current laser focus on the higher education market, but it is also the first step towards a broader vision. Ultimately, the LectureTools team is driven to create a single web-based environment that supports learning and teaching throughout the lives of our users. We’ve got big plans. Come help us realize them.

Why you want to join us...

LectureTools is made up of a close team of passionate, driven and diversely skilled individuals. Collectively, the team has decades of experience in software development and education. We are supported by an exceptional group of advisers, including former CEOs and nationally renowned educators. The company is funded by the National Science Foundation and by the University of Michigan. This is a unique opportunity to join a well-financed start-up in a high-profile role. We are doing work with genuine meaning and the potential for significant impact. Really, pretty cool stuff.

Job Openings

Lead UX Designer

As Lead UX Designer you will own the user experience across all LectureTools products throughout the product life cycle, from the initial research phase through final implementation. You will work closely with business development to define product requirements and goals, and will lead the effort to translate those goals into high-level visions and detailed feature sets. You will produce deliverables that convey designs to the software engineering team, and will work closely with engineering to ensure accurate execution. The Lead UX Designer will report directly to the head of product development, and may manage a small team. You will be closely involved in defining the product road map. Read more.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, your primary responsibility would be to write highly scalable web based product features for LectureTools. You will be part of a small but highly talented team of engineers who manage the entire technology space for our product. You will be a key person of the team whose technical decisions will shape and influence a large part of our product. You will be constantly interacting with the designers and the business team to ensure that the design and the business vision gets translated into product features that our customers would love to use. You would also get an opportunity to take part in the regularly held hackathons to build and display cool stuff that could be included in the product. Read more.

Software Test Engineer

As the Software Engineer in charge of testing, it will be your responsibility to ensure that every user gets the same consistent high quality experience using our system every single time. You will be in charge of researching, building and owning the entire build and test infrastructure for current and future LectureTools products. You will act as an in house evangelist for the best engineering practices and ensure that our product adheres to the strict quality standards defined by you. Read more.