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Assess student performanceTrack and visualize student comprehension levels to improve learning outcomes.

eBook: Making the Switch to LectureTools

Download the 'Making the Switch' eBook to learn more about how professors of biology, linguistics, anatomy, and psychology at the University of Michigan transitioned from lecture slides to LectureTools.

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LectureTools records and archives all classroom interactions so that you can better understand classroom comprehension levels. Responses to in-class activities can be aggregated in order to illuminate trends in student performance and effectiveness of lectures.

Track Participation and Assess Student Performance

track participation by class

Aggregate Different Metrics

view different data types

Access a variety of participation and performance statistics to assess individual student performance or to get an overview of the entire class.

Export Data to CSV

export data to manipulate offline

All of the information gathered within LectureTools is exportable to the CSV format. You are free to manipulate the data in an environment of your choice.